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Welcome to “Life in Rhythm”! We’re so glad you’ve joined us! Our goal is to have a heart like Jesus, so over the next 8 weeks we’ll be learning how to practice 7 “Rhythms” that can help us grow in our relationship with Him. We’ll also be discovering how the Holy Spirit uses the Rhythms to change us from the inside-out. This week, we’ll be introducing the 7 Rhythms and sharing more about this journey we'll take together. But first, we know that some groups have been on summer break and are just getting back together. If that’s you, welcome back! We know you’re excited to reconnect. Other groups are just getting started. If that’s your group, we’re praying you’ll enjoy getting connected as you begin growing together. But whether your group is brand new or glad to be back together, we’re convinced that God’s got some incredible growth steps for you to experience — both for you personally and as a group. So … welcome!

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We hope you had a great experience with our Life in Rhythm study. Please take two minutes to complete this short survey and let us know how we can serve you better.

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Session Agenda

Watch Video

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September 19, 2021

Connect & Reflect

  1. What was one highlight of your summer?
  2. If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be and what questions would you ask them? 
  3. Describe one thing you're hoping to learn or experience in being part of this group.
  4. If you’ve ever participated in a life group, how was that experience helpful or challenging for you as a follower of Jesus?
  5. What stuck out to you in the video?
  6. Considering what we know about Jesus’ heart, how do you think your life would change with His heart “animating” how you live?
  7. How could you become more intentional to live like Jesus and not just be content with studying and discussing His teachings? How could your group encourage one another to actively model your lives after Jesus?
  8. Describe a season in your life where you experienced “real” spiritual transformation.  How did you see yourself changing?  How did you grow in the character qualities that Paul outlines in Galatians 5:22-23? (“Fruit of the Spirit”)?  How did others notice those changes in you?

Life Group Agreement

We Agree to the Following Values

  1. Clear Purpose: To grow healthy, spiritual lives that increasingly reflect the character of Christ by balancing the 7 Rhythms in our Life Group: Daily Bible Engagement, Prayer, Repentance, Serving the Community, Sacrificial Generosity, Share Your Stories, and
  2. Group Attendance: I will give priority to the group meeting (which means you call/text if you are absent or late).
  3. Safe Environment: I will be a part of creating a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved (this means no quick answers, snap judgments, or simple fixes). I will pursue unity even in respectful disagreements.
  4. Be Trustworthy: I will safeguard anything that is shared within the group and will use discernment with any information that is damaging or harmful.
  5. Conflict Resolution: I will avoid gossip and immediately resolve any concerns by following the principles of Matthew 18:15-17, which says to go directly to the person with whom you have an issue.
  6. Spiritual Humility: I will give group members permission to speak the truth and love of God into my life to help me live a healthy, balanced spiritual life.
  7. Sensitivity to Others: I will sacrifice freedoms, in love for others, by not causing a weaker brother or sister to stumble (1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Romans 14:19-21) in the areas of alcohol, language, social media, news, politics, etc.
  8. Welcome Friends: I will be open to inviting new friends who might benefit from Christian community by warmly welcoming them to the group or to Rooted.
  9. Building Relationships: I will get to know the other group members outside of the group time and pray for them regularly. I agree I will not market or sell products, services, or information for my personal gain within my group.
  10. Serving: I will know and use my gifts (especially my spiritual gifts) to serve my church and my community, both individually and as a group.
  11. Shared Ownership: All group members will be given the opportunity to share their gifts by assuming some type of responsibility within the group (facilitating discussion, hosting, communicating between meetings, organizing service or social events, providing food, facilitating prayer or worship, etc.).

Group Discussion: Which of these values is most important to you? Describe how you think these values will contribute to the overall health of your group.

Rhythm Experience (Optional)

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Next Week:

Daily Bible Engagement

Next week we will dive into our first rhythm, Daily Bible Engagement. We will focus on the truth that Scripture is the Word of God; equipping us to know Him and learn how to live as authentic Christ-followers.  Reading, meditating on, and applying God’s Word each day is essential for our spiritual growth. 

Between now and our next meeting together, your homework is to complete the Daily Reflections 1-5. You can start the Daily Reflections as well as read an overview of our new rhythm by clicking the button below.

View daily reflectionscoming soon...

What's Next?

We hope you had a great experience with our Life in Rhythm study. Please take two minutes to complete this short survey and let us know how we can serve you better. We'd also love to here your story! Please share a story of how you’ve sensed God speaking into your life or your group through the Life in Rhythm series!

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