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Serve the Community

We are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to share God's love by participating in the ministry of Jesus. He has given us agency with Him to fearlessly influence our society and the world. When we serve in the world and in His Church, we impact those around us and reveal God's glory.

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We hope you had a great experience with our Life in Rhythm study. Please take two minutes to complete this short survey and let us know how we can serve you better.

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Session Agenda

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October 16, 2021

Connect & Reflect

  1. Reflecting back on this weekend's message on "Serve the Community" or the video message recap we just watched together, how did you sense God's Spirit speaking to you? Any new things that you learned? Any new steps the Spirit was stirring you to take?
  2. Did you interact with the Daily Reflections this past week?  If so, were any of them impactful?  Feel free to look through what you recorded in your Life in Rhythm journal as you share with the group.
  3. Did you take the spiritual gifts assessment?  What were the results?  How have you been able to use your spiritual gifts?  Do you have any questions about spiritual gifts?
  4. Invite someone to pray, asking God to use your group in powerful ways through the Serve Experience.  Ask for greater understanding in how God is using Friends in our three Missions initiatives and how God might be calling your group to ongoing involvement. 

Rhythm Experience (Optional)

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This week's group time will focus primarily on participating in a Serve Experience together.

Group Leaders will register their group by clicking on the “Serve Experience Options” button below. After you serve together, take a few minutes to debrief your experience.

Serve Experience Debrief Questions

  • How did the Serve Experience personally impact you?
  • How did you sense God speaking to you through the experience?
  • How do you sense God might be calling your group to an ongoing rhythm of serving with Missions? 
  • Pray for Friends’ three Missions initiatives: Homelessness, At-Risk/Foster, Human Trafficking
  • Pray for God’s leading in how your group could continue to serve with Missions
Serve Experience Options

Next Week:

Sacrificial Generosity

Next week we will dive into our fifth Rhythm, Sacrificial Generosity - Recognizing that all our resources are owned by God and entrusted to us for His Kingdom purposes, we generously give out of gratitude to partner with Him in His work around us and around the world.  

Between now and our next meeting together, your homework is to complete the Daily Reflections 21-25. You can start the Daily Reflections as well as read an overview of our new rhythm by clicking the button below.

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What's Next?

We hope you had a great experience with our Life in Rhythm study. Please take two minutes to complete this short survey and let us know how we can serve you better. We'd also love to here your story! Please share a story of how you’ve sensed God speaking into your life or your group through the Life in Rhythm series!

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